Operator monitoring gauging software in real-time

Control your process. Improve your quality.

While profile measurement is the first benefit of a gauging system, automatic control is widely considered as the most important benefit of the system, since it optimizes the manufacturing process beyond what an operator can do, ensures faster and more consistent control actions, maintains tighter tolerances and increases product uniformity and output.


Thermo Scientific™ Machine Direction (MD) nominal control is an advanced software solution for extruded film, sheet or coatings, that supervises either line speed or screw/pump speed in order to maintain uniform basis weight or thickness.


Advanced algorithms model the interaction between line speed, screw speed and thickness/weight. At the end of each scan the thickness or basis weight set point is compared to the previous scan average and an advanced algorithm is used to calculate a new set-point for either the line speed or screw/pump inner control loop.


MD nominal control can be integrated into Thermo Scientific™ 21PlusHD and IPlus! measurement and control systems. Raw material savings through ‘down-gauging’ can be realized with target management control (TMC), ensuring that no part of the final product is outside either an upper or lower quality control limit. In addition, throughput rate is optimized through Adaptive Throughput Control (ATC) via a matrix of process and quality constraints. This delivers maximum productivity at the highest quality while ensuring substantial raw material savings, eliminating scrap and provides a consistent return-on-investment throughout the life of the system.


Process Integration


Example Machine Direction (MD) Displays:

<MD Contour


MDC Display




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